Pediatric Orthodontics 

Good habits acquired in early childhood lay a sound basis for oral and health. Orthodontic examinations in early childhood will allow the orthodontist to follow up the development of the child’s jaws. Most of us tend to associate orthodontic treatment methods puberty.

However, ages 6-7 when the first permanent teeth erupt is the ideal time for the first orthodontic examination, as this would allow to foresee any possible problem that might be faced in the future and treat it in a shorter period of time.

Tooth-colored braces have minimized aesthetic concerns of adult patients who have always refrained from orthodontic treatment simply because of metal braces. Moreover, there is another technique in which braces are fixed on the back side of the teeth (the side that neighbors the oral cavity, i.e., lingual). There are successful examples of both techniques.

Adult Orthodontics

It is your smile that first meets people. You are not late yet to smile confidently. Thanks to developing technology, the field of practice of orthodontic treatment and the patient age group has been considerably extended, so that certain orthodontic problems can be rectified even in adulthood.