Dental Implants

Dental implant is tissue-friendly miniature screw which is made of titanium.

Dental implants may be thought of as artificial tooth roots which allow the fabricated teeth to be firmly attached to the mouth. They may be used to replace all teeth missing in a jaw or just to replace one or several missing teeth. The treatment choices can vary tremendously.

All surgery, tooth fabrication and other specialty work are performed in our office. We also offer an exceptional variety of different implant techniques. This allows us to customize a course of treatment specifically for you.

There are three classes of dental implants:

implants that attach to the gum only (intra-mucosal inserts),implants that attach within bone (endosteal screws or blades),implants that attach on top of bone (subperiosteals).This technique has been applied for 15 years in Turkey and for 40 years in the world.I should strongly mention that this operation is very plain and painless.

Specific Micro-Surface Design


Acid Etch

Titanium Plasma Spray

Hydroxyl Apetite (HA) Plasma Spray

Porouse Sintered Surfaces

Surface controversy has been high on the implant manufacturers hype. It is understood that there might be something that we can do to the implant surface that will make it integrate faster and more securely to the bone.We do know, for example, that the addition of Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMP) will accelerate and enhance bone formation around an implant and in a graft situation, but we cannot say this for mechanical surface enhancements. 

At this point in time, however, manufacturers claims far outpace what the reality is… But, some day, we will be able to design implant surfaces that will react better and faster with bone.Material choices:  Pure titanium vs Titanium Alloy If you still have some questions in mind about this method, please see our Questions and Answers section or contact us.

Endopore Advantages of implant application:

ease-of-use,economical,provides maximum precision, strength and beauty,patient comfort,immediate function,soft tissue integration.

Implant-supported replacement teeth look , feel and function like natural teeth.

For patients dental implants provides comfort, convenience and confidence.

For dentists, patient satisfaction, enhanced reputation and more stimulation.

We can give you teeth that don’t move when you speak or chew!

It prevents bone deformation which is caused from missing teeth.

Basic Implant Design

ThreadedNon-Threaded (Cylinders)Dental Implants can also be characterized by their macro and microscopic surface configuration. Macroscopically, we deal with two basic types of implants: Screws and Cylinders. Microscopically we deal with an assortment of surface treatments and coatings which are all designed to promote osseointegration.

Screws and Cylinders both work effectively. There are some significant differences in technique here, but it would be hard to say that one design is better than another. There have been several articles comparing the differences between screws and cylinders and espousing one over the other in certain situations, but it all comes down to personal preference and not science at this time.