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Welcome to Istanbul!

You can apply us for all of your teeth problems, general dentistry , dental esthetics, cosmetic dentistry and implant.Because of the economic problems which many European countries are faced to, nowadays current health policies are changed.

As a result of this, in many European countries teeth and in the USA eye health expenses are not paid by insurance companies. This means neither public nor private health care covers for teeth and some other costly treatments.That’s why European people started to go for treatment to cheaper countries concerning health care.

Among those countries TURKEY comes first, because of the competitive prices without sacrificing the quality. Your vacation and treatment are together!In EU and in the USA some of the health care operations such as implants in dentistry are incredibly expensive and unreachable for medium salary citizens.

However now, these patients have another alternative, which if they choose to have the treatment in TURKEY, they both pay only ¼ of the price for the same quality operation, plus have a nice vacation.

So, how does this work?

In your country you can have your panoramic x-ray in any clinic. Then your can mail it to us with your past treatment plan. By analyzing your panoramic x-ray and past treatment history, we can make a plan for your treatment before you come here.

We can inform you about the cost and time of your treatment. After your approval, we will give you an appointment which will fit your schedule also.If you have too serious gingival problems because of the time of treatment, we suggest that these problems should be treated in your country.If required, we can help you about the hotels where you can stay during your treatment period.

We also offer you a nice sightseeing tour.Holiday and dental care combined! The money for your dental care will be reduced, plus you will have a free holiday! Treatment procedures:As all these procedures need planning and agreements with the laboratory, we have to know exact time of your arrival to Turkey at least two weeks before.When you arrive, in the first day, the treatment plan and total cost will be determined. You pay half of the total amount in the first day if you and we agree on the treatment plan and the fees.

And you pay unpaid half in the last day of your treatment. We accept Visa or cash.By then, if you haven’t got a new panoramic X-ray;There is a diagnosis center which you can walk in 5 minutes. After first meeting in the clinic, our assistant will take you to the diagnosis center for panoramic x-ray. The price of the panoramic x-ray will be approximately 40 YTL (nearly 25 Euro). The x-ray will be ready in 15 minutes.Procedure for crowns and laminate veneers: For the total procedure for crowns and laminate veneers two appointments is enough in a week.

On the first appointment 2-3 hours is nearly enough to prepare teeth, take impression and apply temporary crowns or laminates.The second appointment will occur about a week later. On this appointment we will finish the crowns and laminates work.Procedure for implant: All of the implants are set in an appointment. The time of the operation changes for the number of implants.

For example for one implant it is 30 min., for 2 implants it is 45 min. After a week we check your implants and remove your surgical sutures.Time is needed to set the crowns on to the implants; it is 2-3 months for the lower jaw and 4-6 months for the upper jaw. As it will be nearly impossible to wait too long in Turkey we advise you to finish this treatment in your country. However, we can finish your treatment also here if you re-visit Turkey approximately 5 months later.

We use world wide known implant, Frialit. If you choose to finish your treatment in your country we will give you a report of your treatment and you can easily complete the second part of the treatment in your country.

Procedure for root canal treatment: The root canal treatment can be finished in 30 min- 1 hour.Procedure for bleaching: We can bleach your teeth (full mouth) in 1,5 hours.Phone: (0216) 360 34 11E-mail:… or online appointment:ONLINE APPOINTMENT FORM



When you submit the appointment form, you will be called for confirmation via the phone number you entered in the form.