Extractions – Fill

Onley-Inley Filling

Onley-Inley, are the treatment approaches when there is big amounts of material loss in the tooth. In this case the filling is prepared in the lab. When the material loss is less than 3/4 and the cusps(pointy tip) are not lost, inley, when the loss is more than 3/4 and the loss includes the cusps, onley is preferred.

Extractions (Normal and Surgical -Buried)

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth or the third molars usually takes its place in the mouth between the ages 15-20. In the cases, when there is not enough place in the mouth, they can not erupt properly, and stay buried inside the jawbone.

Piezo Surgery

Piezo Surgery which completes or partially replaces the traditional methods in Oral Surgery, Implantogy and Maxilofacial Surgery, is recently advanced. By using Piezoelectrics techic which create ultrasonic vibrations, it is possible to achieve secure and effective osteotomy (bone operation). 

Periodontal Surgery, Osteotomi, Osteoplasti and Autogen Bone Graft, Implantology, Alveolar Shoulder Seperation, Sinus-lift, Surgery, Surgical Extraction, Root Separation are some of the few options available to apply Piezo Surgery. Piezo Surgery, owing to its adjustable vibration and bidirectional movement, allows a secure operation during bone surgery.

Why they should be removed?

It is a common that some half buried wisdom teeth, can cause often infections, and dislocation in the neighboring teeth. In the worst case scenario, the capsule around the buried tooth can create a cyst and this can melt the jawbone. The consequence is complicated surgical procedures to remove the cyst and the tumor like developments caused by the cyst.

Should a wisdom tooth that does not cause any problem be removed?

It can not be foreseen if a buried third molar will cause any problem. Third molars are the teeth that cause the most problems. The infection caused by the third molars, can lead to severe pain, swelling in the chin, difficulty to open the mouth, and difficulty to swallow.

Usually, the dentists dealing with the dental surgery treat the third molars as a time bomb, not known when to explode. They can stay silent for a long time and all of a sudden can cause swelling, jaw lock, and enormous pain. Therefore these should be followed closely and should be pulled at once if required.

The procedure to pull them is a small operation. However when the problem erupts, the operation can be more painful and complicated compared to before.